The Crispinette C. 1300 - 1500

The Crispinette (or Caul) came into fashion in the second half of the 13th century (1250). It was originally known as the "Crispine", which was a network cap to confine the hair. These caps were shaped like bags or like hairnets (which you can buy from Boots the Chemist today). They were made of gold or silver mesh or hand woven silk.

By the 1300´s hair coiled over the ears in the "Ramshorns" was becoming increasingly bulky. It needed to be contained. The "Crispine" came to be adapted. In the previous reign, it was used to contain hair under the Torque, in a net at the back of the head. Now it became smaller and split into two parts. The hair was coiled into two gold cauls (nets) over each ear, held in place by a fillet (a narrow bar of metal in gold, silver or embroidery, according to the position of the wearer). This was the "Crispinette". A veil was also worn with the crispinette and again decorated to the position of the wearer.

Women of the 14th Century attached great importance to the dressing of their hair and wanted to be in the height of fashion. Princess Isabella (known as the "She wolf of France") brought this fashion of hair dressing to the English court when she married Prince Edward II, and because of her status, it became fashionable to dress the hair in this way.

By the time of Edward III, the Crispinette was still worn by all levels and ages of female society for day and State wear, along with the other headdresses of the time, the "Templars", the "Goffered" and the "Tressour Crispinette". A simpler form of Crispinette was worn by the middle and lower classes, where their hair took on the shape of "Ramshorns", plaited and coiled underneath their veils and head coverings.

The Crispinette was worn well into the time period of Richard II although the cauls became much larger and were worn higher over the ears. From this it developed into the reticulated headdress known as the "Cross Tree" or the "Gibbet" and of course, the "Heart Shaped Hennin."

Silver crispinettes with blue jewels Blue velvet crispinettes Gold crispinettes with veil Blue and gold crispinettes with veil Rust crispinettes with pearls Gold crispinettes with peridot jewels Gold crispinettes with red jewels Gold and pearl crispinette Black and red crispinettes with jewels Gold crispinettes with pearls Green velvet crispinettes with gold trim and pearls Black and gold crispinettes with pearls Blue velvet Crispinettes with gold braid, blue jewels and pearls

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